Monday, May 24, 2010

And so another week begins, and this one's begun with a heatwave!

As is the norm around W7 when the temperature climbs over the 20c mark, denizens of the area take off rather more clothing than they should leading to horrific sights such as a size 24 women squeezed into a size 14 micro-mini dresses, and men wearing nothing but shorts, parading their sunburns to all and sundry.
It ain't pretty, believe me. Now would be a good time to start selling mind-bleach.

Anyhoo, before I go back to flopping in the coolest part of the house, I will leave you with this week's Choose-O choices, your options for which are -
  • Speech
  • Duck
And once you're done casting your votes, you can scroll down to last Friday's post and come up with some more TV diseases, as I'm sure you can think up plenty more, akay?

Over to you then.