Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bad things to say whilst playing 'Hide the Sausage'*

Is that it?
You remind me so much of my mother...
I've had injections that were more fun than this.
Could you pass me the tv remote while you're down there?
Bored now...
Your friend I met the other day, is he single?
Frogs! Frogs everywhere! Getthemoffmegetthemoffmegetthemoffme!
I really fancy your sister by the way...
I never thought I'd miss my ex so much...
Great. I didn't have a headache when we started, but now...
Can you hurry it up please? Only I've got a date in half an hour.
Ooh, do that again! This time I'll get popcorn and watch.
You remind me so much of my brother. He used to do that too
Sorry, but if I do that I'll gag, but not because of the size, the smell.
Aliens! Aliens everywhere! Getthemoffmegetthemoffmegetthemoffme!

I'm sure you can add to the list.

*But great if you never want to see the person again!