Friday, August 05, 2005

The 'incident with the police'.

A little while ago, I did one of those 'Quiz your Friends' thingies as it seemed like a more fun option than doing the laundry, and some people took it - possibly because they didn't fancy doing their laundry either. It was interesting to find out what readers thought I was like btw!
Anyway, only one person got the last question right, and I got a few emails along the line of 'You did what? You? Why? How?' regarding the correct answer.

So for those that asked, here's what happened.

A long time ago when I was a sweet, innocent young thing, some friends and I went up to Covent Garden for the evening. We had a nice meal and some wine and so, and were just heading back towards the station, when an almighty fight started and we got caught up in the middle of it. One of my friends got a thump from someone, thumped the person that hit him back, and the next thing, he was on the ground with a bloke almost twice the size of him trying to wallop him even more.
Now I'm not a violent person*. I have had lessons in 'how to look after yourself in a fight' from various bouncers, publicans, and also members of Her Majesty's Police Force, and even back then, I could 'surprise' an attacker.
My friend didn't seem to be enjoying the attentions of the other bloke, so I decided to try and help make the bloke stop.
The next thing I knew, I'd been grabbed from behind. The old 'self preservation instinct' kicked in, and I made to disable my assailant and free myself by scraping my right heel down whoever the person was who had hold of me's shin, placing my full weight on his foot, and head-butting him as hard as I could in the face.
It hurt my head, but there was a (rather satisfying) crunch, and my attacker let go of me crying "Oh F**K! Arrgh! F**King A**eholes! My F**king nose!"
It was then that I noticed there were rather of lot of Police Officers running around who were breaking up the mini-riot.
I turned around to find that my assailant was one of them, and he was somewhat covered in blood.
Something along the lines of 'Oops' went through my mind.
Fortunately for me, another copper had seen what had happened and came over.
"She hit me! she's broken my nose! arrest her!" the blood soaked officer said.
"Erm, might be a bit tricky to explain to the Sarge that you didn't mention that you were a Police officer before you grabbed hold of her though won't it mate?" said the other copper. "All I saw was that she defended herself against what could have been one of the friends of that big bloke that was kicking the one that was on the ground. Sorry about your nose though".
My friend - who very luckily only suffered a couple of bruises and a scratch or two -and I, were escorted to a nearby Police Station to answer a few questions and give a brief statement. For some reason, many of the officers there smiled at me when I got there, and I swear I heard a few laughs and comments such as "That's the one that broke that daft sod _____'s nose, hahaha".
I was released with an 'off the record' caution and a wink.

* Well, not usually, honest!