Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I've decided that it's too nice and sunny outside for me to be sitting here next to the 'puter today, so I'm going to go outside, strip off and lie in the garden for a while, and just post a filk that I wrote a while back.

TTTO 'The Sound of Silence', by Simon & Garfunkel.

Hello 'puter my old friend, I've come to play with you again,
There is a lot of work that I must do, I want to chat with friends on ICQ.
But the screen won't flicker and it won't go beep, oh I could weep,
There's just the sound of silence.

Check all connections at the back, make sure the fuse it isn't slack,
Get out the Philips head and start to pray, I've got to send those emails out today.
But there's no sign of damage, it should work fine, I'm losing time,
Still there's the sound of silence.

RTFM again, thump the monitor and then,
Check over all those IDE's and so, Oh bloody hell, the fan now it won't go.
Could it be CMOS, or BIOS, I just don't know, I'm losing hope,
Just got the sound of silence.

"S**t" said I "That deadlines near", I'll phone my friend so she can hear,
My cursing, weeping and lamenting, And maybe she can get a hint in.
But all I get's the answer phone, I'm on my own,
With the sound of silence.

F**k you computer go to hell, I should have bought that one from Dell,
But I ain't taking any c**p no more, For this PC I have just found a cure.
Outside my window there is a bin, it's going in,
To break the sound of silence.

Right, where did I leave the sun tan oil...?