Thursday, June 04, 2009

Once again, apologies for tardiness and I wish I could blame it on the excesses of partying, but instead my 'puter had yet another of it's hissy fits.
Anyhoo, hopefully, after threatening the infernal machine with an axe and a reprogramming it would never forget, I'm back online and can see that the party mood is still going strong, yay!
And to add to the joy I got me a Blogiversary 69 to boot, mmmm, mmmm!

Anyway, a couple of things afore I sign off again.
First of all, please remember that tomorrow at midnight is the closing time for the Haiku competition so if any of you have any pearls of poems, please leave them in the comments box before then, and lastly, a little quiz to find out,

What Sort of Party Animal Are You?

According to the quiz -

The part about being fun and making everyone else have fun sounds almost tight, but I don't think I'm a man, at least I wasn't last time I looked.

So erm, yeah...

Back to the party then! Getcha sticky toffee rats while they're hot, and there're still plenty of drinkies available to wash them down with, akay?

PS. I almost forgot! There was a little something else I was celebrating the other day, being this - 365 Ducks!