Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I've no idea about you lot, but I'm well still the party mood and have definitely got the energy to keep on grooving until I get me a 69!

And today, there are two ways of getting me there.

Firstly, you can scroll back down to the Party Room* where last time I looked there were people in various Bad Taste costumes and states of undress, or, you can participate in this week's Double Entendre Day, Caption Competition!

If you decide to have a bash at the second option, then your DED Caption Competition Photo is -

If you join in, there's a Sticky Toffee Rat Onna Stick going for every entry, and a Slippery Nipple available should anyone get me to that delicious Soixante Neuf again!

Also, despite your choice of where you wish to spend more time today, please don't forget this week's Five Year Blogiversary Party, Haiku Competition!
All you have to do to enter, is to write a Haiku all about this 'ere blog, and the author of the one I like the best will receive a proper, tangible, and most importantly non-ticky prezzie, rah!

And on that note, I shall leave you to groove on down and shall go catch a couple of hours spleep if I'm lucky.

Carry On, Partying Groovers!

*The party is still going on, and with any luck will continue until the weekend, yay!