Monday, June 08, 2009

And after a weekend of picking up fallen decorations and empty bottles and cans, the party is over and it's back to normality.

But that also means that it's time to announce the winner of the Haiku Competition, and after much deliberation and cogitation, I can now tell you that my fave haiku was written by...


Mr.D. ! with this entry -
"Posts on this 'ere Blog:
Entertain the World Wide Web
And they make you Lol"


So if Mr.D can email me an address where I can send something, then I can send something!

And continuing the normality theme, it's Choose-O time, and your options for tomorrow's entertainment are -
  • Cuts
  • Faster
  • Socks
So, that's all for today except don't forget to tell me how you're all doing after the party weekeknd!
And if anybody wants me, I'll be in bed with an alka-selzter.