Friday, February 13, 2009

Y'awlright my little chimichangas?

I hope so, as today I would like you all to be in the naughtiest mood possible.
The reason being is that last week, someone going by the moniker of Santa Baby left me a question over at Scaryduck's blog saying -

"Misty, do you just post on this blog to drive traffic to your own? It's a bit needy isn't it"

My response was incredibly polite and read thusly -

"Santa Baby: No. Scary and I are old friends and I just try my best to wind him up, the same as he does to me on occasion.
We've also both looked after each other's blogs and posted for each other when we haven't been able to post for ourselves for whatever reason.
Next question?"

Sadly I did not receive any further contact via Scary's Haloscan comments (Which do work just fine, btw!) although I thought there might be an opportunity for discussion.

I felt saddened, and still do.

If I am to be judged as being 'desperately in need of comments' I would like the whole caboodle of insults from Mr. Duck to be taken into account, and although I do not have time to write out a full set, I give you these examples -

"Belle de Jour stole all my best ideas"
"I wouldn't bother reading this, Scaryduck's tons better"
"The internet's sloppy seconds"
"Something something hairy axe wound something"
"Chaos, ruin, disorder... my work here is done"

Akay, that's not all I have to paw I admit, but go through the records and you will find that Mr Scary and I have been slagging each other off having the odd friendly spat for ages.

And as long as he's up for it, I will be as well.

Game = On.

So, today, as I know you all love me far more than you do that manky duck wot only talks about beating up pensioners and horrific ways to plant tomatoes, I'm sure you can all come up with witty and erudite remarks and rejoinders that I can leave among his comments, so that if he ever has a pop at me (being such a sweet, innocent little darling that writes about kittens and so) I can give him what for in return, akay?

Don't worry about being caught out by Scary and getting into trouble, as no-one ever reads this blog unless I comment over at his.


Also, before I go, I wish you all a happy and relaxing weekend, although I do not offer any refunds if you don't.

PS. I love him really.

Additional, 16:46 hours For Debster -

Ask, and ye might recieve.