Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Yesterday I was watching a programme on BBC2 called 'Oz and James Drink to Britain'. It was pretty good fun; two chaps driving around Britain in a Rolls Royce towing a caravan to live in and attempting to drink everything they could find en route.
But one little bit was the highlight for me and has now turned James May into a Hero IMO.
It was when they were pub crawling between station pubs using trains rather than driving*, and after the second pub and rather more than a second beer sampled, James turned to Oz and asked "Where's the tickets?. Sorry, where are the tickets?"
Hurrah for a person using the correct use of the English Language for a change!
It really pisses me off annoys me when TV presenters, politicians, and people who should seriously know what the difference between singular and plural should be, simply don't do so. I mean, I didn't get a degree in Eng. Lang. but at least I was taught how to write properly and conjugate a verb if needs be, and surely anyone who has had a decent education should be able to do the same?
Government arses bods complain that children are not learning how to talk properly, yet half of the ones I see on telly can't speak correctly either so what example are they setting the kids these days?
Personally, I would like to pass a law stating that anyone of them who says something along the lines of "Where is our big fat paychecks?" rather than "Where are our big fat paychecks?" to have to write out the question properly, one hundred times, all over a billboard outside an inner city school then add an apology and explanation of why they did so.
And they should have a week's wages taken away every time they do such a thing in public.
And if they complain they get the cane. Or not if they like that sort of thing.
But not James May. Never James May.
I like him lots now.
But not quite as much as the Hamster.

Oh, and before I go, I have a photo for today's Double Entendre Day Caption Competition, and seeing as I've mentioned two out of three, your piccy for today is of the other one -

A half a lager for every entry and a pint of best bitter going should I get me a 69**

*Well sensible.
**If Richard Hammond is reading this, the drink will really be on me.***
***Did I say that out loud?