Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wayhey, it's Wednesday again, which means that once more it is that time of the week to getcha yayas out and slip as many big ones as you can to members of your family/the Royal family/the Royle family/Her Majesty's Police Force/Take That as you possibly can!

I've chosen this week's photo for the Caption Competition after reading the results of the little survey about Really Annoying Adverts I carried out last Friday, and although there was no advert in particular that drove many of you to distraction, I was reminded by some of you how truly fucking irritating aggravating that smug cun arsehole ageing git Michael Whiner Winner really is.

Sadly, I have been told that my plan to capture him, hang him upside down with his head in a Fire Ant's nest after covering his naked body with honey and leaving him in the company of some of Hanwell's finest armed with some sharp toys, razor wire and a blowtorch might get me into trouble if I got caught, so my next best idea is to post a picture of him and let you lot rip the piss out of him instead.
And so, your photo for today's Caption Competition is -

Please give it all you've got. The more funny comments about the smarmy twat, the merrier, akay?

There's a Jelly Baby going for every time my box gets stuffed and a Jello Shot available should I get me a 69.
So what are you waiting for?
Get in there!