Friday, November 14, 2008

Wayhey, it's Friday! And this one finds me packing before I head off to the wilds of Nottingham for another weekend of fighting, pillaging and feasting, woohoo!
Sadly it's the last event of the year, but next Friday is also cause for celebration as I'm sure anybody who has read this blog recently will have noticed.
Yep, next Friday you are all cordially invited to an online, virtual Birthday Party here on this blog! Those of you who came to my 1000th Post Party, will hopefully remember the fun we had, and with any luck, this party will be just as fab, if not fabber!
There will be all sorts of fun and games, buffet and drinks, a quiz (with a real prize!) and all in fancy dress!
The reason? It's going to be my birthday, and although I still don't quite believe I've managed it, I'll be turning forty, woo, and hoo...

But anyway, that's next Friday, and while I'm off hitting people with my ever trusty Mr Pointy, I shall leave you with some fun things to keep you entertained. Hopefully.
For the Spot the Difference Competition -

Kerry Katona --------A Plank

And as we haven't played a certain game for ages, and ages and ages, please get your hats at the ready for a rousing game of Mornington Crescent, but to be played in the style of pillaging Vikings. See you in the comments box, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!