Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wotcha my darlings, and Welcome to my 1000th Post Virtual Party, Woohoo!

I've got lots of fun things planned, and I hope that as many of you as possible can drop in throughout the course of the next 24 hours, to play whatever game is being played, grab yourself something from the virtual buffet (please to scroll down), and hopefully, and of course not mandatory, share what drinkies and foodstuffs you've brought along!
The party is Fancy Dress, and anyone turning up without a costume will automatically be de-frocked and badgered, so make sure you describe your attire upon entering my comments box, as well as letting me know what you've brought for the buffet and drinkies.

Now I'm pretty sure that a lot of you are thinking 'How the f*$% is a 'virtual party' going to work?
There are ways, I assure you.

The first is simply go to the comments box, tell everybody what you're wearing, what you've brought along to eat and drink, then wait for someone else to join in. If you want you can then start a game, have a chat about whatever, go to the kitchen if you get shy or if you really want to be a party pooper, go home!**
These days, thanks to the wonder of modern technolowotsits and so, you can even add a picture of yourself and maybe your costume, or the food and drink you'd most like to share using the little 'add piccy' doodah in Haloscan, so if you can do, please do!

If you happen to drop in during a quiet time (sadly I doubt I can stay awake for 24 hours solid and there are also time differences to consider) I've selected some games to play until either somebody else turns up, or you decide to leave the party and carry on just playing the game, which I hope you don't!

The games are -
Pin The Tail On The Donkey
Hide and Seek
Treasure Hunt
Hello Kitty Tea Party!
Family Feud Online
Murder Mystery
Pie Eating Competition
(and last but not least, a game some of you may remember)
Dress Up Misty

Also, lest we forget, today is also Double Entendre Day, so what better excuse can you have for slipping a big one to a loved one, friend, colleague, pet or family member, and as you know I love nothing more than getting my box stuffed as full as possible.
So today I truly hope you will give it your all for the Caption Competition, your photo for which was taken by my own fair paw (albeit on timer) and is -
Oh stop, wait a minute mister postman...
No 'real' prize for this one, as the main and 'proper' competition is yet to come, but a virtual bowl of jelly and ice cream for every entry (plz to mark with 'For CC' to hopefully prevent any confusion) and a Bucks Fizz should I get me that ever more elusive 69! If I can't get me one today, when will I ever...?

Before we get to the main game of the 'do', I have one more little bit of entertainmenty stuff for y'all. When I was little and had a party, if I'd been a good little Misty I might have got a prezzie, which of course I really enjoyed receiving!
So just for fun, tell me what present you've brought along (or take a pic if you can) or, and I've just thought of this - give me 5 clues as to what the present is!
Even better (and I know I'm being really, really cheeky now, you could always get me something off my Wish List ;o)

Over the last (very nearly) four years since I've been doing this blog, I've been called a few things and had my blog described along the way. These are a few of my favourite -
The future's damp. The future's Misty...
Flicking peanuts at the monkey of public opinion.
Watching sanity disappear in her rear view mirror.
Available for Children's Parties. Large Axe at no extra charge.
Beware the Ides of Misty.
Crammed full of Friendly bacteria
Nine out of ten cats chose to be sick on it.
If you stand close enough to her, you can hear the sea.
Normality isn't in her dictionary
Doing for Hanwell what Hitler did for the Munich beer festival.
Ducks balanced. Saxons maimed. Psychos rumbled.
Refreshes the parts other blogs cannot reach.
Probably the best blog in the world
And all because the lady loves...mindless violence
Bloggers wouldn't give a **** for anything else
Like Bridget Jones, but with style and class.
Lipsmackin' thirstquenchin' acetastin' motivatin' goodbuzzin' cooltalkin' highwalkin' fastlivin' evergivin' coolfizzin' Misty!

You know who you are if you said it, and thank you! And a huge thank you to everybody who has stuck by me over the years. It wouldn't have been anything except a sad-act, sitting alone and posting stuff no-one ever read without you all.

But now, the main highlight of the party, huzzah! For those of you who have been paying attention over the last few posts, you may remember that I promised a competition, for which there is a real, tangible, sent via post/carrier pigeon/whatever prize available for teh winner!
This is it!.

Misty's 1000th Post Quiz!

Simply clicky on the linky above, take the quiz, then wait until next Monday* to see if you've won or not. The prize will initially go to the person with the highest score. In the case of a tie, an independent party will be called in and call a winner via the 'pull the name out of the bag' method.
Have fun, and Good Luck!

Welcome to the Buffet, please help yourselves!

Again, a huge 'Thank You!' to everybody who has stuck with me, laughed with me, cried with me, and possibly on occasion thrown up with me over the last 1000 posts!

I can't believe it's got this far, and I wouldn't have got here without you all!


*Only entries doned before 00:00hours on 8/6/08 will be accepted.
**Please don't! If you do I'll be very sad, akay?