Friday, August 15, 2008

And so another Friday rolls around, and once again I'm stumped for something witty and erudite to entertain you all with.
It get's tricky trying to find something new every week, even with the plethora of funny things to be found on teh intermanet, like this, and this, and also this.
I suppose I could throw a few of my favourite games in your direction, such as Haggis Drop, Insaniquarium, Flight of the Hamsters, and the fabulous Honda Grrr Game, but chances are you've played them all before.
Adding a few bits and bobs that are NSFW always goes down well, so I suppose I could direct to sites like this, and this, and even this one, or just go the route of the irritating but funny like this old fave, this familiar one, and this ever popular classic.
Then there are the informative sites, such as the MI5 Espionage Solutions, or the Government's Preparing for Emergencies, or you can just fix your Land Rover via you computer.
I don't know, maybe I should leave you with the thrills of Atomic Badger Racing, or Thunder Plunder, but I think there should be more to a Friday.
I know, why don''t we tell each other our favourite jokes? That usually breaks the ice and gets the giggles flowing, so I'll start with -

Bloke was walking through along a path in a park when he sees a dog and stops to pat it.
"Hello" he says to the dog as he rubbed its back, "What's your name then?"
"My name's Huey!" replies the dog to the man's amazement.
"Wow" he says, "I've never met a talking dog before: what's it like being a dog, and how's your day been?"
"Ah, it's brilliant being a dog", says Huey, "All day long I've been running around, getting in and out of puddles, brilliant life, love it!"
"Well, thanks for chatting, hope you keep having fun!" says the bloke before carrying on his way.
Soon he finds another dog, very similar to the last so he pats it and again says "Hello, what's your name then?"
The dog replies "My name's Louis, and I'm having a brilliant time. All I've done today is run about, jumping in and out of puddles, I'm having a fabulous time and love being a dog!
"Wow, that's great!" says the bloke, "That's two talking dogs I've met in one day, and you're both so happy! Lovely meeting you, Louis!" he says before once again carrying on his walk.
A short while later he spots another very similar looking dog, and again he goes over to pat it and says,"Don't tell me you're another talking dog!"
"Yeah, I am" the dog replies.
"Don't tell me, your name's Dewey, isn't it?" says the bloke.
"No, it's not" says the dog. "My names Puddles, and I'm having a fu£&ing awful day!"

Your turn! And have a fabulous weekend, running around and doing whatever you want to do!

PS. The answer to yesterday's mini-quiz, is number 4. Bravo to Tzonar who got the answer first, Alan, who worked out why, and Debster who also got it right, although she did hedge her bets and go for all of the above! Applause all round, but sadly no prize except mucho kudos!