Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday again, and I'm still in a well happy mood!
After the fun of last Friday, Saturday rolls around with an email from a Mr. S. Duck informing me of this.
I spent Saturday afternoon wandering around the local Broadway in a rather vague state trying to get my shopping done*, after all, it ain't every day one gets into The Metro online, is it?**
And I never thought my w/ extra duck piccies would prove so popular. So far the set has been viewed 58, 643 times, which I reckon is rather a lot! The most sensible thing I've managed to say all weekend has been *Gneep*, which explains why I didn't get much shopping done.
I have been keeping up with the comments from Friday's post (game still on if anybody wants to play!) and I spotted the comment from Mike saying that there's a full page of w/ extra ducks in the Metro this morning, but whether that's the printed version or not, I don't know. All I know is that if it is, I don't have a copy but would very, very much like to have one (or three!) so if anyone can find out, (Mike, you still out there?) please let me know!

Anyway, now all the stuff about me's out the way, your choices for tomorrow's Choose-O are -

Terror Incognita.

As usual I ask you to choose wisely my little marmosets, for what you decide today may somehow shape the whole of the future, and that's quite an onus for a Monday.

Extra, 15:59 hours. I've finally made the London paper scene, as you can see here -
Well, I've finally hit the London Paper scene. (clicky for biggy)
But before you start going 'woohoo' and so, have a read and see if you can spot my name, a credit, or a link so that people can find or contact me.
You'll be looking a very long time, as they haven't put any of them there. I think they've just lifted the pics from somewhere. I'm really, really not happy.
Not happy at all...

*I bought a small paddling pool for my ducks.
**Unless you're the editor I suppose.