Friday, July 04, 2008

And as the week draws to a close, I feel that my brain has reached overload and may also shut down fairly soon.
Not because of anything nasty by any means, far, far from it, in fact what's happened is very nice indeed, and when I say 'nice' my reaction to what's happened was to squeak a lot, and walk round in little circles while I tried to get some comprehensible words out to the ex-partner-in-crime.
Yesterday evening I'd been out for a quick drinky with the epic, and upon my return home was met by a friend who was staying over telling me to switch my puter on and go to, and look at either page one or two when I got there.
It took the puter a while to boot, then another few minutes for my eyes to spot the following -
Yesterday on Digg.
I don't know which came first , the Digg or the Metafilter, but I am still doing my happy dance as you can imagine!
I wondered why my w/ extra duck pix were being viewed up to 8000 or so times!
To who ever it was that Dugg me and Metafiltered me, Thank You!

As you can imagine, I've hardly splept and my brain is rather scrambled and I apologize for not being able once again to think up something amazingly funny and original to do today, so I hope you'll bear with me and play another new version of an old theme and play The Duck Game, this time with television shows with one of the words swapped for the word Duck, such as -

Sun, Sea and Duck Spotting
One Foot in the Duck
(Or One Duck in the Grave)
Duck, or no Duck
8 out of 10 Ducks
Buffy the Duck Slayer
(Or Ducky the Vampire Slayer)
The Duck Van Dyke Show
Twin Ducks
Mock the Duck

And as I always say, I'm sure you can do far, far better than me.
So without any further ado, over to you, have a fabulous weekend, and may your duck go with you.