Saturday, March 08, 2008

Yesterday didn't go according to plan, but I'm jolly glad it didn't!
My male model didn't turn up for the photo-shoot*, and so I trundled back home all despondent like, and as usual switched on my 'puter.
It howled** to let me know I had mail, and one of them was from a lovely person at The Londonist, saying they knew it was short notice, but they'd love me to be featured as their 'Photographer of the Week' in their 'Londonist Behind The Lens' series.
I did my happy dance, then replied saying I'd be delighted, and the result can be found HERE.

Then came some news from the ex-partner-in-crime, saying that one of his customers at his pub runs an Art Gallery in Richmond, and she wants to use a wall at the pub to display paintings and so, and would I be interested in putting up some of my work for sale as well?
I again said 'yes!', and I'm still doing my happy dance.
So now all I need is some more printer ink and a dozen or so frames, and I'm set to shiny, woohoo!

Oh, and one more thing, if anybody wants to buy one of my prints, just choose from my Flickr, and let me know. That way I can afford to buy the frames and ink.
Funny how things turn out just when you think it's all gone pear shaped, isn't it?


*His loss. Git.
**I got a wolf howl to replace the crappy Windows mail alert.