Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's been pointed out to me that although I've mentioned that my ex-partner-in-crime has a new pub, I haven't told anybody what it's called or where it is.
So today, (in the hope of getting a couple of free drinkies) I'm doing a plug for the place.
The pub is called The Castle and is in Old Isleworth.
Since taking the place over at the start of the year, the ex and the rest of the staff have jollied the place up by giving it a thorough scrub (I helped, yay!) clearing up the garden and smoking area, and generally giving the whole pub a spring clean and lift.

It's a lovely building with a large main bar, pool table to the side, an almost separate dining area, and a charming conservatory attached which leads through to the garden and smoking area.
Most days guests are welcomed by a cheery fire in the main fireplace, which I must say is one of my fave features.

The place is very much dog friendly, and the wag-tails I've met there have told me that they enjoy taking their humans there. A welcome bowl of water is avaialble at all times, and the bar stocks a wide variety of tasty treats.

It's a Young's Brewery pub, and the real ales are extremely well looked after by the ex; I must say, he really knows how to look after his beers!
Food is also available, ranging from sandwiches, char-grilled burgers and other snacks, to full meals such as homemade Goulash and Moussaka, and full on Sunday lunches with all the trimmings. The prices are very reasonable too.
(Inserts subliminal message - trythegoulash, trythegoulash, trythegoulash!)

Sky TV is on so sports fans can gather round to watch matches on any of the three screens, and for those who want to just catch up on my blog or clickage, Wifi is on the go.
The entertainment side of things is also picking up, with live music on Thursday evenings, and Karaoke on Saturday nights.
And whilst on the subject of entertainment, if there are any musos around the area that would like somewhere to practise or have a jam, you'll be more than welcome to set up and play to your hearts content. I'm sure there'd be a couple of beers thrown in for your efforts!
There has also been talk of me doing a Quiz night sometime, but I'm not sure what's happening with that just yet.
The pub can also cater for functions, so if you want somewhere fun for a birthday party, give them a shout!

And that's about all I can think of about the place at the moment.
Oh, except one more thing -
The conservatory has a large table with plenty of seating which would be absolutely perfect for an evening of Duck Balancing! If anybody's interested, let me know as it's been far too long since the last meet up of DBUtd.

So that's it.

The address of The Castle is -
18 Upper Square,
Old Isleworth,
TW7 7BN.
And the phone number is - 0208 560 3615.

If you do get there and spot a strange blonde surrounded by rubber ducks, it'll more than likely be me. Mine's a dry white wine ;)