Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Last Friday gave me a taste of something I'd been missing for a very long time...

I revelled and wallowed in the feeling it gave me, but it left me wanting more...

I'm talking about the first 69 I've had in ages, and I want another asap!

So today, as well as your Double Entendre Caption Competition, I want you lot to give me your all. All the Double Entendres you've got, please.
You know, along the lines of -

(To a plumber) "Show me your tool box then!"
(To a tennis player) "Nice balls!"
(To an angler) "Get your tackle out then!"
(When it's raining) "Gods, I'm soaking wet!"
(In a butchers) "I'd like a goose, please!"
(In a pub) "I'll have a large one please!"
(While taking a photo) "Would you mind if I flashed you?"
(To a baker) "Nice baps!"

And so on and so forth.

Today's photo is -
(Clicky for biggerness)

And so, it's over to you. Get stuck in, there's a Hot Dog going for every entry, and extra relish available should I get that 69.