Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hello Blogosphere!

After a few hours spleep, I can now proudly announce the final bids on the Red Nose Day Auction!
The brace of Rubber Duckies reached a top bid of £26 from Farcus, who also got the Dog Polish at £5*
The bracelets donated by Nicola, raised another £5 with a bid from Mark, and Nicola got in there with a bid for £10 on the T-shirt!
And the book raised a whopping £35 with a bid from David, yay!

A total of £81

I think a big round of applause is due to all who took part in the auction! Thanks again to all of you!

And now, if the top bidders would care to email me with details of where to send their stuff, I will pass on the details of where to send the money, and when it's all in I shall trundle down to Oxfam, pay it in and get a receipt to post here!

Again, Thanks!

*He's generously allowed Pudsey to keep the bonios, bless him!