Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Recent 'Blonde' Moments

Last week I went to a new physiotherapist as I've been getting lots of knee pain recently. After being prodded, poked, pulled and made to walk up and down with my jeans rolled up to my thighs for a while, I was informed that I am rather so slightly knock-kneed, which is causing what could be the start of arthritis.
Not the end of the world though: I've been given exercises to do, and was also given some shoe inserts to wear when I go out which can be put into any shoes or boots.
Earlier, I'd been out with Pudsey so I wore them in my wellies. I got back, did some stuff round the house, then got a call asking if Pudsey and I would like to go to the pub.
I got changed and swapped the inserts into my other non-welly boots.
Sadly, I put them in the wrong way round and as soon as I stood up, I lost my balance and fell over.

Yesterday, I went out and about hunting for festive stuff, food and pressies. I had a few cards that needed posting, and I was also getting hungry, so I stopped at a post office to get stamps, and also a sandwich to sustain me for the last of the shopping.
I perched myself on a bench while I stuck the stamps on the cards, and had a few bites out of the sarnie (egg mayonnaise, btw) I then collected all the cards, took the sandwich off the top of the bag, went back to the post box and posted my lunch through the letterbox.
It was only when I tried to take a bite out of the cards that I realized what I'd done.
If the postie that found my sandwich is reading this, I'm very, very sorry.

Anyhoo, moving on to the moment you've all been waiting for. Once more 'tis Double Entendre Day, so without further ado, here is your photo for today's Caption Competition! As it's now less than a week to go, I chose one with a festive theme, 'specially!

You know the routine by now, so get to stuffing my box. There's a candy cane for every entry, and if anyone gets me to a 69, I'll throw in a hot toddy.

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