Friday, December 08, 2006

Before we get to the 'Friday Fun & Frolics', I would like to mention that I have had a 'lovely' happen.
A couple of days ago, I was hit by an 'inspiration particle', triggered by the memory of the poem 'A Small Dragon', by Brian Patten. I grabbed my camera and a dragon that I'd hatched*, scampered to the back garden and took this shot.
I added the poem, but then thought 'I hope Mr. Patten's alright with this?', (copyrights, yada) so I emailed asking is this okay to use?, and to my delight he replied, 'Yes, fine!'
I said 'nk you very much!, and then to my more delight, he emailed again, this time saying that he really liked the photo, which was (and I quote) brilliant!
I have admired this man's work for ages, and right now it feels like a lot of my Christmases have come early to get such praise from him. Me = well chuffed!

Anyway, moving on to the Friday fun etc.
Last week there was a game to do with Song Titles with London Underground Stations in the titles. This week, it's all Film Titles! Examples are;

The Taking of Balham 123
Notting Hill (obviously)
Cohen the Barbican
Dial M For Morden (c/o Scaryduck)
Debden does Dallas
Hello Dollis Hill
It's A Wimbledon Life
Passport to Pimlico (again, rather obvious)
The Swiss Cottage Family Robinson
The Pontoon Dock Saints

I know you can do better.