Friday, December 01, 2006

Yabadabadoo! The weekend beckons! I'm especially excited, as in a few hours I'll be off to another DAS do, somewhere near Wolverhampton. Rah!
But before I go, I have thought of another fun game to get you into the weekend spirit.
It's very simple; you think of a song title that has a London Underground Station in it, such as -

Harrow, is it me you're looking for? - Lionel Richie
All Along the Watch Tower Hamlets - Jimi Hendrix
Limehouse Rock - Elvis Presley
Back in Bank - AC/DC
Shepherd's Bush City Limits - Tina Turner
Living in Perivale - Elvis Costello
Stairway to Hainault - Led Zeppelin
A Whiter Shade of Plaistow - Procol Harem
Hanger Lane - The Beatles
Sexual Ealing - Marvin Gaye

I'm sure you can think of far better.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody, see you in a couple of days!