Thursday, June 16, 2005

Current mood: Really upset.

For the last few weeks I've been following a great blog. It's witty and erudite and I even put a link up to it on here.
Then I left a comment - didn't really think anyone would take any notice, the few times I've made comments on other peoples blog I barely got a reply - but this time I did.
A few people made comments back, and I even had a really nice comment from a guy called Catfish saying hello on here, and started an email chat with another friendly person called Steve.
Now for those out there that don't know me, I'm not used to blogging rings etc, and I've never been told any 'rules' about comments boxes etc, but I was always brought up in that if someone asks something, then you reply.
Then a guy by the name of Ed said something to which I replied, then he said something back so again I replied, a couple more comments happened, and next thing I know I've been flamed. Seriously flamed. Called a few names too.
No warning, no 'excuse me, please don't leave comments that aren't pertinant to the subject' no nothing.
If by some small chance he's reading this, then I'm sorry, I simply didn't know it wasn't the done thing.
I suppose I should have known better than to be asked nicely, but as he clearly points out on his blog, he's not a nice person.
But at the end of the day, there's a difference between not being 'nice' and showing a little bit of sensitivity to someone who's new to blogging.
I'll certainly think twice about commenting on anyones blog again.