Wednesday, June 15, 2005

On 'humorous misunderstandings'.

I was reading my friend Ladylark's LJ (post June 5th) and it reminded me of the time I got a freebie t-shirt from the Pub&Bar trade show.
At the show - which is mainly for the promotion of alcohol to licensed bars and pubs - there are many new beers being promoted, one of which was called Shag Lager.
On their stall, I spotted a t-shirt which had the slogan "Fancy a Shag?" in large letters across the front.
I mentioned to my then partner in crime that I thought the t-shirt amusing and wondered if I could get a freebie, and behold, a few minutes later he came back with one of the shirts!
Anyway, I decided that I was too chicken to wear the shirt in public and designated it to night-time apparel.
Until early one morning, a loud knock on the door roused me from my stupor.
I hurriedly pulled on a pair of combats, went to the door and found a postman there holding a clipboard and a package asking me if I knew where Blagwood Court was.
I opened the door wider so that I could point him in the right direction.
The postman then turned rather red in the face and lowered his clipboard to just below his waist before thanking me and setting off again.
It was only when my breakfast (coffee, nicotine) had kicked in that I realised I was still wearing the t-shirt with nothing under it.
I know keep a thick dressing gown by the door just in case.