Monday, July 12, 2010

Woohoo, it's Monday, and what a weekend I've had!

Saturday was the usual routine day and nothing incredibly exciting happening, but Sunday brought about the annual Garden Party for local residents in my area.
It was the normal show; Pimms on tap and and a delicious variety of nibbles to chomp whilst listening to the band or watching the 'children's' entertainer*, and also (and this was the best bit) a quiz on the topic of local history.
Here are a few of the questions** -

Q. Who was King of England (1189 - 1199) at the end of the 12th Century?
Q. The first man to carry an umbrella in London is buried in the crypt at St. Mary's Church, Hanwell. What was his name?
Q. Name the international recording star and dance band vocalist of the 1930s who is buried in a mass grave in Hanwell Cemetery with other victims of the WWII air raids on London?
Q. Which rare, protected bird, Larin name Alcedo atthis, can now be seen feeding and nesting along the banks of the River Brent in Hanwell?
Q. Who designed and engineered the Wharncliffe Viaduct (in Hanwell) in 1836 - 37?
Q. Which iconic landmark bridge did this same engineer design when he was only 24 years old?

Now remember, this quiz was entered by a load of people who have been taking part in Pub quizzes for years, and are also experts of topics such as history, both local and other, and trivia in general, and because the Ex-partner-in-crime helped set the quiz and therefore couldn't enter, I was in a team with only Fuzzy Duck to help me, and although he's great at finding worms and drinking cider, an historian he ain't. Also, I couldn't get to my 'puter to Google anything either.
Guess who won the quiz then?

Yep, yours truly, even though the Ex-partner-in-crime marked me down a point as he reckoned that one of my answers was George II, not III as I'd written.
As well as the kudos I got a bottle of champers, which was nice!

I think I ought to go to a pub quiz in the near future, especially if the questions are on local history and there's money to be won!

Anyhoo, enough about me, how are you and how was your weekend?

*Aimed at ankle-biters, but the grown-ups loved it as well!
** Without Googling, have a guess. I'll give you the answers later.