Friday, July 02, 2010

Well, my 'new' puter is almost up and running the way I want it to, I've almost finished packing for another weekend aways fighting and pillaging, outside the sun is almost shining, it's lovely and warm, and I have the feeling that once again I've forgotten to do something important.

I've been so hectic the last week or so I've barely had time to scratch me bum.
I've had to see my solicitor (which is always stressful) had to call an ambulance for the Ex-partner-in-crime after he began to choke on a bit of steak, go with Ex-partner-in-crime to private hospital in Kent for some tests he needed, deal with the 'puter situation, get barred and reinstated from my local pub (It's a long story) take and sort photos to send to the local newspaper after an incident in Hanwell Broadway which they were going to use until a more 'exciting' story made the front page instead, and worry about a friend of mine who appears to have vanished off the face of the planet after sending me a text saying he'd caught the wrong bus and would be with me in about ten minutes last Tuesday!
I read a story a while ago about a man who sold his 'life' to the highest bidder. I'd offer to sell mine but I doubt there'd be any takers at the moment!

But afore I go, I've had another idea for a game to play, being -

"What's The Most Inappropriate Thing To Say During A Job Interview?'

For example:

So which one of you do I have to shag to get this job then?
I'll need every Monday morning off to get to my rehab group else I lose my place on the programme.
Is that your wife in this photo or a drag queen?
When I said I'd had experience, I didn't say I'd any experience relevant to this job.
I can't work after 6pm or at weekends because of the tag on my leg, is that a problem?
Sorry about the smell, I couldn't find the toilet in time earlier.
I'll have to bring my pit-bull terrier into work with me because I can't leave him at home alone since he escaped and ate next-door's cat.
So what's the company policy on 'recreational' drugs then?
I know wearing a push-up bra, high-heels and a mini-skirt to an interview might seem a bit slutty, but the wife won't know I've borrowed hers again so no problem.
Do you press charges?

Etc, so on and so forth. And I know you lot can do far better, so have at it, have a fabulous weekend, and hopefully I'll be back online again soon!