Wednesday, June 30, 2010


If there's anyone still out there, I'm still alive but my faithful, ancient 'puter had a major hissy fit last Thursday and I haven't been able to get much sense out of it since then.
But now, I have a new* laptop and after painstakingly transfering loads of files from one to the other, I'm back in business again, hurrah!

And not being one to break tradition, I have once again trawled the depths of the intermanet to bring you the following photo for today's Double Entendre Day, Caption Competition -

There's a travel sweetie going for every entry and a packet of chewing gum available should I getting a very long forgotten 69.

And btw, I am so very, very happy to be back again, I missed you lot loads!
Did anyone miss me...?

* Well, new to me but still second hand.