Friday, June 04, 2010

Oh, my lovelies! I hope there are still some of you still coming back and reading my little blog, as I feel awful for not being online as much as I've wanted!
After I posted last Wednesday, my intermanet connection went down yet again! and I had to call out BT a second time to come and sort it out!
So this morning I was woken up by a BT engineer who pointed some sort of beepy contraption at the external phone line and made tutting noises as he shook his head. I feared the worst, but now, happily, I'm back on again, hurrah!
I've had a text from BT assuring me that they've now fixed the problem, but that's what they assured my on Wednesday. I can only pray that this time it's going to stay fixed for more than six hours!

Anyway, all that kerfuffle means that I haven't had much time to sort out the 6th Years Blogiversary Party that I had planned for today, let alone give you plenty of advance notice, but I've got a few balloons up and am wearing my best Pirate costume to get into the partay mood!
For refreshments, you will find some cake and party nibbles over on the sideboard, and on the table in the far corner you can all help yourselves to drinkies. Oh, and do try the punch! It might look a bit of an odd colour, but it tastes fab, I promise! *hic*

As to party games, as well as the usual Twister, Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, Hide and Seek and so, I've left Team Misty out so that anyone who fancies trying a spot of Duck Balancing can do so! Just don't get any of the ducks in the puchbowl, akay?
Ooh, and also, to get your grey matters working, I've decided on another game of Mornington Crescent, but this time it is to be played in the style of Pirates! I'll go first, then you can carry on in the comments box.

But as you're all having fun, sadly I won't be around to play for long as once again I'm off to hit people with Mr Pointy in the wilds of Somerset, but please, please do help yourselves to anything food and drink-wise, and generally make yourselves at home.
Also, don't forget to let me know what your costumes are, and if you've brought anything edible or drinkable, tell everyone what you're sharing.

Have a fabulous time everyone, and see you on Sunday!