Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hello again my cherubs! I hope you've all recovered from the party and had a lovely weekend too!

I had a fun time away in Cadbury; once myself and the rest of us managed to get our respective breaths back from climbing the hill fort, we got into our packs, learnt what the 'plot' was for the day, and off we went a-skirmishing.
By the way, if any of you don't know about Cadbury hill fort, it's in Somerset, has nothing to do with chocolate, is incredibly steep and covered in cow pats and patches of thistles.
So, for the first fight, one of us had an idea to launch an ambush on one of the Saxon packs, and so as the rest of my lot went and hid in a hollow made by an old rampart, I toddled up to the top of another rampart where I could see what the Saxons were doing and could give my lot a yell when the time came to attack.
Alas, this didn't happen as planned as the Saxon lot saw me and came up to find out what I was doing sitting alone on a rampart. I did my best to look innocent and not give the game away, but then another lot of Saxons came strolling along towards where the Vikings were hiding.
I couldn't shout out to warn my lot what was happening but I did my best to wander off un-noticed until I was in a position to wave frantically at the Vikings without the Saxons seeing what I was up to.
Luckily my lot heard the approach of the second lot of Saxons and when they got close enough the ran screaming towards them and killed them all.
Which was nice.
When everyone came back to life again, we once more trundled off in different directions around the top of the hill fort until our paths crossed once again and we'd have another mighty battle.
Now the plot for the day was to capture a 'King' and hold him for as long as possible; the objective being that whoever had the king when the fighting was over were the winners.
We captured the king on our third battle, and had him with us right up until the last fight was called.
We went into battle with a flurry of spears and swords and once again the hill fort rang with the sound of spear on shield as we fought til the death.
Then suddenly I realized that everyone else in my pack was dead, and only one of the enemy was left alive. This one enemy was a most ferocious warrior armed with spear, shield and sword and clad in fine leather armour to help deflect blades.
For a second I thought something along the lines of 'Uh-oh' and wondered if running away would be a good idea, but then I remembered that keeping the king was now up to me and so I turned to fight him.
It was over all too soon. I only had my spear to fight with, and no armour- just the dress I was wearing, and a fruit knife held on my belt.
I reckoned I'd be killed rather quickly and as I said, the battle only lasted a minute or so before I saw a chance to catch his spear with mine when his shield was just far enough away and I pushed his spear out, thrust mine in and stabbed him right through the heart!
To say I was rather pleased with myself was an understatement!
But anyhoo, all good things have to come to an end eventually, and we wandered once more down the hill fort and rested a while before we tucked into a most delicious banquet washed down with plenty of ale and mead.
I had a brilliant time and have the bruises to prove it.

So back to regular life again, and as I couldn't get onto Blogger yesterday for some strange reason, I'm giving you your Choose-O choices now for Thursday and they are -
  • Speech
  • Hello Kitty

Choose wisely, and don't forget to tell me all about your weekends while you're down there, akay?