Wednesday, May 05, 2010


It's Wednesday, which means it's also Double Entendre Day here, therefore it's time for another Caption Competition.

It's also very nearly time for yet another General Election, so I've decided to use a topical photo this week, being this -

Your reward for every entry is a sense of well-being for telling the world what you think, and should anyone get me to an ever elusive 69, I'll throw a ticker-tape parade.

If you wish to leave a comment, please follow the badly drawn arrows directing you to the small wooden booths that smell strangely of cat pee, then fill in the form given to you by the weird old brady with the cat tucked under her arm before shoving it* into the battered box in front of you.

Your comments will be much appreciated, although I must point out that any comments that are illegible, or marked outside the box will not be counted.

Remember! Your comments are valuable! Please do not spoil your chance to make a difference to the world!

Thank you! And get stuck in me darlin's!

*The form, not the cat.