Thursday, April 22, 2010

So, you know that saying 'Cheer up, things can only get better!'?


And I know this empirically.

Earlier today I woke up feeling rather happy. Thanks to the recent sunshine I wasn't as achy as usual, and when the Ex-partner-in-crime asked me if I'd like to accompany him on a stroll to West Ealing and back as he had a few errands to run, I replied 'Yay, why not!?'

And so, off we trotted towards West Ealing whereupon our journey we were suddenly confronted by a psychopathic. drug-addled, pisshead from hell who for some insane reason believes that I slept with her boyfriend.

Now, I most certainly have done no such thing. I've known the 'boyfriend' since I was twelve years old and for some years looked up to him as an older brother. Once, many years ago I put him up on my sofa as he was destitute, but that's as far as it ever went.

Really sadly over the years, he has got into drugs in a serious way, and I'm not just talking about the odd puff of Maryjane.
His girlfriend is even more of a druggie, and when she can't afford drugs, she drinks, and drinks very heavily.

She'd been threatening me for over two years although I'd done nothing, and to say I was getting 'fed up' with her screaming and threatening abuse directed at me in the streets was pissing me off, was an understatement.

And so, today.

The Ex-partner-in-crime and I were walking towards West Ealing, when I suddenly noticed that she was walking right towards me with a friend of hers, who I admit is an acquaintance of mine.
As usual she started screaming at me about how I alledgerdly slept with her boyfriend and was a lying whore &c, and as soon as she got within striking distance, I once again denied her allegations and asked her to simply leave me alone. I turned my back on her and next I knew she'd shoved me so violently from behind, that I lost my footing on a tree root causing my ankle to twist badly, the rest of me to fall into oncoming traffic, and the skin that was supposed to be on my right elbow to be smeared all over the Uxbridge Road.

Very fortunately there was a police car nearby and so I flagged them down.
Funnily enough, it was then that I was informed by one of the 'See you next Tuesday's' friends, that she was on bail, and that if I pressed charged she'd end up in prison.

Oh, how so very tempting do you think it was for me to sat 'Yeah, press charges!'?

But. The police did what they could to patch me up (I'm allergic to sticky plasters and they didn't have any non-hypoallergenic) and after a while I decided that for now, it was probably best all round to leave it with me signing a statement that read that 'I would not press charges at this moment in time' and made it seriously damn clear that if she ever so much as looks at me in a way I don't like, she's had it.

I'm still left with a badly sprained ankle and a very sore arm, not to mention to bruise that's developing on my lower back and bum. All these injuries mean I won't be able to make it the DAS weekend I was looking forwards to going to tomorrow, but still; could have been worse.

There could have been an oncoming bus!