Monday, April 26, 2010

And yet again 'tis Monday. Woo, and indeed, hoo!

I'm actually very happy to report that nothing exciting has happened to me since I last signed in, and that after a visit to the local hostipal I've found that my foot is not broken, just badly bent, which is a 'Good Thing' in my opinion.
I've got some pretty spectacular bruises on me bum and hip, and also on my elbow next to where the skin was removed by the Uxbridge Road, but I'm slowly but surely getting back to something near 'normal', whatever 'normal' may be.

Alas, I didn't get to the DAS do. I wanted to go, but I realized that if I had gone I'd have overdone things and tried to fight, and fighting when incapacitated is not a sensible thing whatsoever, as I might have injured someone else because I was not up to full strength.
So instead, I pottered about the house and got a few bits of housework doned, and put my foot up as much as possible. Rah...

But anyhoo, me feeling sore and sorry for meself ain't going to do anyone any good, so in order to get back to the rhythm of life, 'tis time for this weeks Choose-O, but before we get to that I have a little anecdote which I hope you might find entertaining.

I took this photo last week during the airplane embargo over British airspace brought on by the volcanic activity in Iceland.
A totally clear blue sky! A very rare thing to be seen in London indeed!
It was also a lovely sunny day, so warm in fact that people could sit outside the pub wearing just a t-shirt if they desired*.
I took the piccy and went back in the pub to show some friends this rarity of a shot saying, 'Isn't it fabulous not to see any vapour trails in the sky for once!?' to which one bloke came back with the rejoinder, 'Well of course there aren't any vapour trails in the sky; it's so hot they get dissolved before we get a chance to see them'.

And on to the Choose-O. Your options this week are -
  • Speech
  • Snap
  • Fire!

Please place your order in the comments box along with a description of your weekend, or any other interesting, exciting things that have happened to you recently.

ttfn, and may the deity of your choice bring you all good things!

*And jeans/skirt/sarong as well of course!