Friday, March 12, 2010

Yay!, woot! and huzzah!

Not only is it Friday, but I've also managed to post every day since Monday as a) my 'puter's been behaving itself, my intermantet connection has stayed on, and c) I've shifted my Blogger's Block! Well, for the time being at least.

And as I already mentioned somewhere, I have a little sumfink for you to get'cher thinking caps on for again today.

It is a question, and it is 'What Evil Superpower Would You Most Like To Have?'

My good friend, Mr De Sade asked me the same while we were in my local pub yesterday, and we've already thought up a good many to get you in the mood, such as -

The ability to empty Cash Points (ATMs for American readers) at will.
(Imagine the fun and chaos to be had on a crowded Saturday afternoon in the centre of London when everyone starts chasing after £20 notes!)

The ability to render all lager non-alcoholic.
(Even worse, making the only drink to contain alcohol, Babycham!)

The ability to stop footballs from crossing white lines.
(Just use your imagination for that one!)

The ability to render every street surface extremely slippery.
(Again, just think about it!)

The power to ensure that all political leaders tell The Truth!
Liar Liar!, on a huge scale!)
To be able to control all CD and DVD players to run backwards only.
The power to give all flying animals severe diarrhea.
The ability to make every parking space in the world 2 feet narrower.
And finally, to ensure that every Cold Caller and Door-to-Door salespersons get woken up avery hour, on the hour whenever they try to get to sleep.

One day the world will be mine, oh yes...

Anyhoo, as usual I'm sure you lot can think up all sorts of wonderfully evil poswers, so over to you, and have a fabulous weekend!