Monday, March 22, 2010

Wotha grooverth, and welcome to another wacky week in the blogothphere!
Before we get onto today'th Choothe-O for tomorrow'th entertainment, I would like you all to give a big round of applauthe the my faithful, little hippo, who onthe again accompanied me to the dentith today.
It wathn't ath bad ath I thought it would be ath I only got a filling rather than having the tooth pulled out, but I'm thtill feeling rather groggy from the aneththetic and I'm having difficulty talking properly too.
Half of my fathe ith thtill numb, and I think I've bitten my tongue a couple of timeth, but at leatht I'm not drooling.
At leatht I don't think I am.
Tho anywayth, before I forget, your choitheth for tomorrow'th Choothe-O are -
  • Thpeech.
  • Thnap!
  • Kaboom!
Pleathe choothe withely, and don't forget to tell me all about your weekend'th while you're down there, akay?

If anyone wanth me, I'll be back in bed, trying to drink thome thoup.