Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Some years ago I had a lovely car. It was a white Citroën which I named Binky, was very comfy, rarely let me down, and I really enjoyed driving around in it.
At the time I was doing a great deal of driving, mostly between Reading and London, and to add to my driving experience, I had a load of cassettes in the car to listen to as I hurtled sedately drove along the M4.
I also made up a load of mixed tapes from my CDs, and knowing about my love of music while driving, a then friend** made me a tape from a selection of her CDS.
I first played it while I was out driving on a gorgeously hot summer's day, and I turned up the volume, wound the window down and was soon having a fab time as I wended my way towards London.
I can't remember exactly what tracks were on the tape, but I knew most of them and couldn't help singing along and so as I drove.
The traffic had been very light but as I drew closer to home, things got rather more crowded and the nearer to home I got, the heavier the traffic got and the lower the speed limit signs became.
By the time I got to a large roundabout the traffic was very slow indeed, and also the tape came to the end of side 2.
As I waited at some traffic lights, surrounded by other cars, I was thinking about something other than the tape and I forgot that it was still on, and that the volume was up to almost full.
I also didn't know that my then friend had added a 'hidden bonus track' at the end of side 2.
The lights turned to green, and as I and the rest of the traffic slowly pulled away, I was suddenly deafened by the strains of the theme to The Magic Roundabout.
I couldn't help turning bright red as just about every other driver looked at me and thought feck knew what as they drove around the roundabout with the theme tune belting out as they went.
Even worse, as I fumbled to find the eject button, I looked up to find a pair of police officers peering at me with bemused smiles as I did my best to turn invisible.
I suppose you could say that the timing had been 'Magic' indeed.
And I still blush whenever I'm at that roundabout.

*A gold star for the first person to correctly guess why I named it Binky.
**I thought she was a friend until one day whilst I was in the grips of one of the worst episodes of depression I've ever had, she informed me by letter that she didn't want to be around me when I 'was like that', but she'd be willing to see me again if ever 'the old Misty' came back.