Thursday, March 11, 2010

Huzzah! It's Thursday, and for the first time in ages I have an amusing anecdote to regale you with, and also, I have something fun planned for tomorrow, yay!

So anyway, I was in my local pub earlier (which in case you haven't been kept up to speed, is no longer the Dukeski of Yorkski, but is now a jolly decent place to go to again!) where there resides a young dog by the name of Scrappy.
Scrappy is a lovely young scamp aged two years old, whose raison d'être is to meet and greet customers as they enter the establishment.
He also enjoys playing games with the customers, and as he's such a friendly young thing with a very happy temperament, people enjoy playing with him as well.
He's taking a big liking to me and so whenever I walk through the door, I am immediately jumped on and thoroughly licked and sniffed as a welcome.
Scrappy also likes my ex-partner-in-crime, so much so that whenever the EPIC is seated at one of the tables, Scrappy will jump onto the surrounding furniture and ensure that the EPIC's ears are clean by licking them until a fight starts the EPIC gives Scrappy a cuddle and says 'No more, please young dog!'.
Earlier this evening, Scrappy was enjoying a bone treat that I'd purchased for him yesterday, and when the EPIC saw it, he decided to play a game with Scrappy that involved taking the bone away from him and winding him up by hiding it from him.
However, the EPIC was not expecting Scrappy to have a cunning plan of his own.
As soon as the Epic hide the bone behind his back, Scrappy grabbed hold of the EPIC's brand new, and rather expensive scarf that had just been given to him as a pressie.
Scrappy then refused to give the scarf back until the EPIC relinquished his bone.
Dog 1, EPIC 0.
And I haven't laughed so much for a very long time.
Good Dog.
Very Good Dog, indeed.