Friday, March 19, 2010

F-f-f-friday once again, woo, and indeed hoo!

Thus the weekend beckons, promising possible adventure, romance and excitement but will more than likely contain shopping for food, watching Casualty and spleeping late on Sunday.
I can barely contain myself; the anticipation is too much...

Anyways, I have another topic for you to ponder over, being this.

Which five famous people would you most like to go to have a drink in a pub with, and why?

After some cogitation and deliberation, here are my choices.

Alan Rickman. If I could pluck up the courage to say something other than 'muh' I would try and talk him into letting me act with him, preferably one of the scenes from Private Lives.
Billy Connolly. I'd probably be laughing too much to get a word in edgeways, but I reckon we'd find plenty of common ground to talk about.
Cynthia Heimel. Not only is she one of my favourite writers, she lives for her dogs and works tirelessly to help those in need of love and help.
Neil Oliver. Not only do I love his accent (the rest of him's not bad either!) but I'd love to ask him about his work, and I'd also try and get him to take me to Smalls Lighthouse for a few days.
Bill Bailey. According to those who know him, he's as funny and lovable in the flesh as he is 'on stage'.

And for those who thought I'd have Richard Hammond and Sebastien Chabal on my list, they're wrong. I'd love to meet them, but I wouldn't want to waste time talking to them!

And so, over to you. I promise I won't tell anyone else your secrets, honest.

Have a wonderful weekend y'all!