Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recently I've noticed something that's begining to seriously annoy me.

Everywhere I go I hear it; on television, on radio, on buses and trains, in the pub, just walking along the road, it haunts me.

It must be new. Either that or I never noticed it before, but now it's ubiquitous, and it's driving me up the bloody wall!

It's people using the expression 'At The End Of The Day'.

I'm not making this up, and neither am I imagining it - I hear it at least ten times a day, usually more, and I swear I'm going to start screaming at people before too long if they say it too near me.

I mean why? Why are so many folk using this particular expression? Has it suddenly become trendy, or has it simply seeped into the subconsciousness of the populace in general?

Listen out for it yourself, I'll bet you you'll hear it everywhere from now on, and when you start frothing at the mouth you'll know it's time to join me in the campaign to stop this inane expression and throw perpetrators into the nearest scorpion pit.

Trust me, it must be stopped, and stopped NOW!

Oh, and are there any expressions that make you want to thump people whenever you hear the words? If so, please share, while I go find some more scorpions, akay?