Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Once again, sorry about the recent lack of posting, but my brain decided to take a holiday without giving me prior notice.

Also, nothing exciting has happened round these 'ere parts either, but I have had some very interesting dreams whilst nestling in my pit.
One in particular has got me thinking a lot. It's a recurring dream wherein I'm on a cruise liner that makes the Titanic seem like a child's toy in comparison. This liner is absolutely massive; it would take a week to explore the whole thing and as well as the usual dining rooms, bars and swimming pools, has a real, living park slap bang in the middle of it.
Now normally I'd like to have a dream about being on a massive, super-luxurious cruiser, but this trip isn't much fun as somehow, one-by-one, the other passengers are struck down by this bizarre disease that renders them insane as their bodies start to rot, and the dream turns into a nightmare in which I'm stuck on board a floating island inhabited by decomposing psychopaths.
Woo, and indeed hoo!
This dream/nightmare is not only recurring, but incredibly vivid - every time all the rooms are the same, and I could draw a plan of the boat with my eyes closed it's getting so familiar. Oh, and not only am I stuck on this boat, but there's been a disaster and most of the earth is flooded, so even if I did manage to get off the bloody thing, there's hardly anywhere to get to if I did.
Thinking about it, maybe having this dream nearly every night and spend the majority of my night running away from 'not yet dead, but nearly' zombies and scavenging for weapons and food with the few remaining other passengers who aren't fruitloop with bits of them falling off, is why I'm so tired when I wake up? It certainly feels very real while I'm aspleep, and I know that I've started spleep-walking again*, so instead of getting the rest I need, I'm still 'awake' and walking about the house instead.
Maybe I should try staying awake more so that I can get some rest. Also, I think I should start wearing pyjamas again, just in case I wander off out of the house once more!

Anyhoo, as I missed yesterday's Choose-O, I'm going to give you some choices for Thursday's entertainment, and your options are -
  • Speech
  • Crack
  • Thief
As always choose wisely, and remember that the title of the tale may or may not have anything to do with the content, or at least, not in the way you'd be thinking it would.
Also, while you're down there, please tell me all about what's been happening to you since the last post. You know I like to live vicariously.

*Waking up downstairs wearing only a t-shirt and knickers at 5.30am in the freezing cold and dark and holding a poker, is a clue.