Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Greetings my little chickadees! And first of all, sorry about the lack of post yesterday, only I had serious back problems, as in I couldn't get out of bed. After about 48 hours without getting any spleep, I finally nodded off in the early hours of Monday, and next I knew it was the late hours of Monday. I got up and had something to eat, then went back to bed with a fresh hot water bottle and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out for the count until 11am today. I think I either needed to seriously catch up on missed spleep, or a Tsetse attacked me.
Anyway, I'm bright-eyed and bushy tailed now, so seeing as I promised on Friday that I would, I shall regale you with a tale about something very embarrassing that happened to me a while back.

I'd just got back from Germany and had landed at Stanstead airport. The Ex-Partner-In-Crime said that he'd wait for me in nearby Bishop's Stortford* and to call him when I landed and he'd come and collect me from the airport.
So I called him and told him that I'd yet to get my luggage from the carousel, and that I'd wait for him outside.
Luckily, my luggage had been on the same flight as me and after I'd hauled it off the carousel and made my way to the outside world.
I realized that the outside of the airport was a fairly large area and was wondering where the best place to wait for the EPIC to stop for me, when an airport worker came up and asked if he could help me at all.
Without thinking I relied that I was just wondering where the best place to get picked up was, and it was only when the chap gave me a very amused grin, did I realize what I'd said.
I fluffed my way through an explanation of what I'd meant to say, and the chap (still grinning his head off) said that the best place was just past a crossing by some flags that could be seen from far away, and thanking him I grabbed my suitcase and scurried off as fast as I possibly could.
I really should remember to think before saying things, but sometimes there's just not enough time.

*Which is somewhere.