Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another week, another few days without electrickery and intermanet connection, but hopefully I'll be making it up to you with the photo that I've just tracked down on teh intermanet for this week's Double Entendre Day, Caption Competition, yeeeehah!

Yep, I reckon that this Wednesday's picture is seriously going to give your noggin's a serious workout; one that after some perusal will ensure you some delectation and delight, and also hopefully enough incentive for a load of comments, maybe even enough to get me a delicious and long awaited 69!

But then again, perhaps not.

Anyway, this is the photo -

There's a Sacramental Wafer available for every comment left, and a sip of the Blood of Christ going should anyone be lucky enough to get me to a 69.

So, what are you waiting for?




PS. I'm booked on the 17:53 from Paddington to Hell if anyone wants to join me.