Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Woo! Rah! And also, Yay!

Thanks to a certain Duck fiddling around with my bits*, I now have comments again, hurrah!
The only downside is that they're of the Blogger variety and not the new, super-whizzy other sort that costs $10 per annum bit allows you to import all your old comments, but at least I have comments again, w00t!

And other than not being able to get online again yesterday**, I think everything is working again so it should be back to normality, for a while at least.

And as everything is back to the usual routine once again, as it's Wednesday it's time for the Double Entendre Day Caption Competition again, and your photo for today's delectation and delight is -

I hope it ticks some boxes and gets all your grey matter working as it's the first one of the New Year and I'd love it if I got a 69.

There's a selection of left over party snacks going for every comment, and a glass of slightly flat bubbly available should I get me an ever-more elusive soixante-neuf!

So my preciouses, have at it and give my box a thorough stuffing!

On yer marks,



*The HTML variety on my Blog settings.
**Wrong sort of snow on the phone lines or something.