Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I've just realized that I've been doing these Double Entendre Day Caption Competitions for almost five years now.

That means that I have trawled the intermanet roughly two hundred and forty times in order to find you a weird and wonderful photo to tickle your grey matter and get you leaving witty and rude risqué comments in the hope that I'll get my box thoroughly stuffed, and shagged out after getting a delicious 69.

I'm writing this post at 08:20 hours after getting about three hours spleep and I'm not sure what I'm waffling on about, so I will simply leave you with photo number two hundred and forty one* and leave you lot to get on with the interesting, witty and erudite stuff, akay?

Here's today's picture -

You know what to do, so over to you once more.
There's a marshmallow going for every entry, and should anybody get me to an ever elusive 69, I'll toast it for them.

Have at it!