Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hallo meine Lieblinge, I'm haus wieder!

Yep, I'm back from Deutschland safe and sound, and am pleased to report that I had an absolutely fabulous time over there, rah!
As well as getting to meet my 'new'* niece and nephew** for the first time, I met up with my aunt and uncle, and both cousins and their spouses for the first time in yonks, and caught up on all that's been happening since the last time over some most excellent German beers!
I stayed for most of the trip in Hannover, but on Monday I went to visit Berlin for the first time!
It's a city I've always wanted to see and as my cousin-in-law (my eldest cousin's husband) had a spare ticket for the train journey, Fuzzy Duck*** and I got up early and off we went.
Armed with a map and day ticket for the trains and buses, I set off to explore as much of Berlin as I could in the five hours that I had. I spent most of the time walking around taking photos of anything and everything, starting at the Hauptbahnhof, walking past the Brandenburg Gate and along Unter Den Linden, before catching a bus to the Zoo area**** and back where I found a great little restaurant where we stopped for a Currywurst and a couple of glasses of the local brew.
I ordered as much of the meal in German (I wanted to practise words other than the swears I now) and got what I wanted so I must have said the right things.
When my meal arrived, a couple came in and sat at a table at the other side of the room. When they began talking I realized that the bloke was from England and they nattered away in English.
About five minutes later another couple came in, and yet again the bloke was from England and they both spoke to each other in English as well.
When it was time to go, the waitress said goodbye to me and I replied the same before saying 'This is really weird. I come all the way to Berlin and everyone's speaking English - what are the odds?' which raised a laugh with both couples and the waitress.
Anyway, I'm starting to waffle and although loads of things happened and I had a brilliant time, it would take far too long to relate everything and I don't think any of you would really be interested with what happened over dinner every day and what taking the dog for a walk was like, so I shall sign off for now and get back to sorting out the five hundred or so photos that I took while there, which will be far more interesting than me whiffling on about 'What I Did On My Holiday' for ages.
So... yes. That's about it.
More importantly, how are you lot doing and did I miss anything exciting while I was gone?
Tell me everything, or I'll set Fuzzy Duck on to you.

*They're both two and a half years old, but they're 'new' to me.
**I didn't think I was going to get to meet him, but I did, yay!
***Visits to strange places are always better and more fun if you have a friend with you.
****I resisted the urge to put up a sign saying 'Please Do Not Eat The Animals'