Friday, January 15, 2010

And so, as is the way of the world, once again 'tis Friday, although for me, this Friday takes me rather more than a tiny bit out of my usual routine.
The reason for this change, is that I am going to Germany for a week to visit my wonderful family, most of whom I haven't seen for about three years, and I have a darling little niece* aged two and a half, who I've never met before, ever!
As I type, I think I've got everything I need packed in my suitcase or hand luggage. I know exactly where my passport is, and I've got my flight details printed out and stuffed in the handbag next to it.
I'm very excited, and it's nearly 01:00 hours, and I have to be up at 07:00 hours so that I can get any last minute things thrown in my suitcase, get showered and dressed, have coffee (if possible) and get to the airport (Stanstead, providing it's open and the roads are clear) by 10:00 hours.

And I won't be back until next Thursday...

But I should be able to get to a 'puter from time-to-time, and if I can, I'll keep you all up to speed as to how I'm doing.
If anyone's interested that is.

Anyhoo, I shall leave you with a photo of yet another sweet li'l kitten for you to LOL up in the meantime.

ttfn, my darlings - play nice while I'm away or there'll be trouble when I get back, akay?

*I'm an only child, sp my fabulous cousins said I can be official 'Auntie' to their children, yay!**
**All the fun of playing with them and spoiling them rotten whenever I get the chance to see them, but far too far away to be considered for regular babysitting duties, double yay!