Monday, January 25, 2010

5... 4... 3... 2... 1. We have normality*
I'm back into the usual routine again, although I'm still swearing in German, and as it's Monday, it's time for this week's Choose-O, rah!

Your options for tomorrow's entertainment are -
  • Scary
  • Speech
  • Saucy
Oh, and before I trundle over to my Flickr page to upload some more piccies, I've an amusing anecdote to regale you with.

When I got to Stanstead Airport upon my arrival back from Deutschland last week, I called the Ex-partner-in-crime who was lurking in Bishop's Stortford** and waiting to give me a lift back. I told him that I was just waiting for my suitcase so I wouldn't be long and would be waiting for him outside the airport.
I found my suitcase and went outside and was looking around wondering where the best place to wait was when a male airport employee came up to me and asked if he could help at all.
I replied "Oh, I'm just wondering where the best place to get picked up would be" before adding that I'd just realized what I'd said and turning a rather nice shade of red.
He did smile a lot before pointing out that if I waited by some nearby flags that my friend would be able to spot them easily.
I really must remember to think first, then talk in future.

Anyway, how were your weekends?

*Or whatever counts for 'normality' round these here parts.
**Which is somewhere.