Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ye Gods, the time has just flown by recently!

Last I remember it was Christmas, then there were a few days of blurryness when I had to think as to what day of the week it was, then today I look at the calendar and realize that it's a Wednesday, which means it's time for another Double Entendre Day, Caption Competition, your photo for which is* -

Tye (who also 'works' at my local pub) got a bone the other day.

And also, it's the last Caption Competition of the year, so if any of you are still out there, give it all you've got and then some, akay?

There's a selection of party canapes for every entry and a glass of bubbly going should anybody get me to a 69!

So, for the last time in '09, over to you!

*Taken by my own, fair paw, btw.