Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Wotcha groovers!

I'm still alive, but yesterday should have been cancelled.
Amongst the 'fun' things that happened, I got burnt on the leg by my hot water bottle during the early hours resulting in a blister the size of a 50p, I went blank when I tried to get some money out of an ATM when it came to remembering my PIN which meant that I've had to go through the usual pressing buttons rigmarole to get to talk to the right person who could help me get things sorted before my card got eaten, not getting to the money meant that my house was freezing cold last night, and after I got back from the unsuccessful money-getting/shopping expedition I realized that my key was in my 'other' bag and not with me. Luckily a neighbour still had a spare, bless her, so at least I could get back into the cold, so to speak.
Oh, and my computer also had another of its hissy fits.
Not the best of days, granted, and the worst bit is that I now have a certain Boomtown Rats song stuck in my head and going round at a steady 45rpm.
Anyway, how are you?
I hope you're all doing alright as today I would like you to find me some photos worthy of tomorrow's Caption Competition. If you have any suitable piccies, leave me a link to it in the comments box, and I might just use it tomorrow.
Oh yes, and any jokes wouldn't go amiss either.