Friday, December 04, 2009

Hello again my lovelies! I hope you're all ready for another weekend of whatever it is you want to get up to! I certainly am, but then I don't have any plans whatsoever; that way I won't be disappointed if anything goes wrong. Good plan, eh?
I did get a fabulous surprize yesterday though; my cousin and her hubby came to Londinium to visit (which seeing as I only normally get to see them once a year at most was excellent) and not only did they bring me a Playmobil Advent Calendar, but I've been invited to visit them in the New Year, which means I get to see my family again and also meet a 'neice' and 'nephew' that I've never met before, hurrah!
I'm in a very happy mood right now!

But enough about me, I've thought up something for you to getcha thinking caps on for, and it is to think up as many 'Disturbing Things To Hear On An Aeroplane'. For example -

"This is your co-pilot speaking. If you look to the left of the aircraft you will see the captain trying out his new parachute"
"Hi! Seeing as we'll be sitting next to each other for the next six hours, fancy a game of Pass the Parcel?"
"Oh my god, there's something on the wing!"
"Hello, This is your captain speaking. Hold on tight, I'm gonna try looping the loop with this 747!"
"We'll be landing in about thirty minutes. How we're going to manage without brakes is going to be interesting"
"This is your captain speaking. Do any of you believe in the power of prayer?"
"We are now cruising at an altitude of 40,000 feet. Oh, hang on... 35,000... 30,000... 25,000 Hmmm... Something's not right here..."
"I've never seen a mountain goat on a cloud before!"
"This is your captain speaking. Has anyone found my guide dog yet?"
"As we'll be sitting next to each other for the next six hours, would you mind holding my hand whenever I start screaming?"

I know you lot can do far better than me, so over to you, and have a wonderful weekend, akay?


*As I'm an only child I'm never going to have any real nephews and nieces, so my cousin has made me an official 'Auntie'.