Monday, December 14, 2009

'ello again!

As always I hope this Monday finds you all bright of eye and bushy of tail, which is how I would be if it weren't for yet another addition to my list of strange and unusual accidents.

Over the years I've been hit on the nose by an exploding tin of treacle, been hit on the head when the accident book at work fell of the shelf and got me, broken a toe simply by walking out of a room and many other wacky incidents that I try to keep well hidden in the depths of my cerebellum in case they resurface to haunt me.
The latest is that I was attacked by a hot water bottle.
Some of you may remember that I recently fell aspleep only to be woken up by a pain on my ankle where I'd left it right up against the hottie-bottle? Well, that resulted in a burn and blister, which although I dressed and tended to with unguents and so, refused to heal properly.
I showed my ex-partner-in-crime and another friend also noticed it and they both nagged me to get to the doctors or hostipal ASAP.
And so on Saturday (as it was hurting a lot) I hobbled to my nearest A&E department where a very nice doctor told me that it wasn't a scab refusing to heal but an ulcer.
They let me go after a very kind nurse cleaned and dressed it and I'm now on a course of anti-biotics and have to go back to my GP every few days to get the dressings changed.
Still, I had to thank the EPIC and friend as I prolly wouldn't have gone anywhere near a hostipal until it was much worse.
So, that was my weekend. How were yours?
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